Learn more about important university policies!

Academic Catalog

Access the Academic Catalog which is the official source for academic policies, procedures and curriculum requirements.

Student Code of Conduct

Access the policy guide surrounding standards for behavior and student organizations at UD.


Learn about the Family Rights and Privacy Act & how it applies to you.

Course Substitution

Learn about possible modifications to degree requirements.

Academic Appeals

Learn about the CURC committee's purview and processes.

Academic Warning, Academic Suspension & Academic Dismissal

Learn about the requirements to maintain good academic standing and the details surrounding academic warning, academic suspension and academic dismissal.

Returning to UD

Learn about applying for readmission to return to UD.

Degree/Graduation Requirements

Learn about UD’s academic requirements for graduation.

Grading & Grade Forgiveness

Learn about UD’s grading system and the eligibility requirements for possible grade forgiveness.

Absences and Attendance

Learn about UD's absence and attendance policies.

Transfer Credit/Test Scores

Learn about transferring courses and test credits into UD.

Double Majors/Degrees

Learn about the requirements of having a double major or double degree.