Academic advising is an important part of your undergraduate experience! You’re encouraged to connect with your advisor each semester as you work towards graduation. In order to have a successful experience, students are encouraged to be aware of advisee/advisor responsibilities.

Academic Advisor & Advisee Responsibilities

Students are expected to:  

  • Accept ultimate responsibility for their academic decisions
  • Use the Undergraduate Catalog and Student Code of Conduct to become knowledgeable of, and adhere to, all academic policies and procedures
  • Know the academic calendar and important deadlines (e.g., last day to register or add courses)
  • Read their UD email daily and respond in a timely manner
  • Become knowledgeable about academic degree requirements and use the UDSIS system and Degree Audit to monitor their progress (e.g., Finish in Four)
  • Reach out for help when academic or personal challenges arise
  • Schedule an appointment with their academic advisor at least once a semester to discuss their progress towards their degree
  • Prepare for advising appointments and bring appropriate information and materials (e.g., review their 4-year plan, Degree Audit, course offerings and prepare questions)
  • Work with their academic advisor to design their UD experience as they explore personal, academic and career values, interests and goals
  • Follow through on recommendations, referrals and tasks discussed during advising appointments

Academic Advisors are expected to:   

  • Help advisees develop realistic educational and career goals
  • Support advisees in developing a 4-year plan consistent with their interests and goals
  • Aid advisees with selecting course options and in monitoring their academic progress by utilizing academic tools (e.g., 4-year plans and Degree Audits)
  • Be accessible for advising appointments (e.g., set availability in the Blue Hen Success platform)
  • Respond to advisees’ inquiries in a timely manner
  • Appropriately document advising interactions (e.g., keep advising notes in the Blue Hen Success platform)
  • Provide accurate information about academic policies, procedures, and requirements
  • Inform advisees of special academic opportunities (e.g., undergraduate research, service learning)
  • Refer advisees to other support services when appropriate and be knowledgeable of campus support services (e.g., Blue Hen Success referrals, campus resources)
  • Discuss career and internship opportunities
  • Work with advisees to achieve success

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