“I come from a family of successful doctors and always assumed I would pursue a similar path. When I came to UD, I made sure I was in the right major and on track to take all of the prerequisite courses I needed. At the beginning, I thought I was exactly where I was supposed to be. But I quickly realized how challenging the classes were. Instead of being inspired to work harder, I leaned into my new-found freedoms. I stayed out late, went to parties and prioritized other student activities. When I ended up on probation, I felt like a disappointment to my parents and myself. After talking to my favorite professor, I decided I wanted to take ownership of my education. I met with my assistant dean, who helped me figure out what went wrong. Together, we explored new majors that were a better fit for my interests. I was able to tell my parents the truth about my academics, start seeing a therapist about everything I was feeling and used the grade forgiveness policy to my benefit. While I’m not where I want to be with my GPA, I feel so much better because I know I have the tools and support I need to succeed.”

Sophomore, Biden School of Public Policy & Administration