“I love UD – the experiences I’ve had, what I’ve learned, and the people I’ve met. I wouldn’t trade them for anything. But a while back, I made some poor choices and my grades tanked. At first I ignored the problems. I hoped they would just go away. Of course they didn’t. Getting on probation was really hard for me because I knew I could do better. Finding out that it could affect my financial aid kicked me into action. I went to the financial aid office and ended up talking with a woman there about my options, like different kinds of loans you can get and that you can file an appeal. Then, I set up a meeting with one of the academic advisors. He clearly understood people sometimes make mistakes but can learn from what happened and improve and grow. We strategized and made a plan. To be honest, it’s been tough. But I’ve done it. And that gives me confidence that I can handle whatever other challenges the future holds for me.”

  Senior, College of Agriculture & Natural Resources