“I was super busy one semester keeping up with class, work and family responsibilities. My grades suffered. Still, the probation letter was a shock. I hadn’t thought much about the probation policy before, so I didn’t realize I had let my grades get so out of hand. I was ashamed and embarrassed at first. How did I let this happen? After talking with my assistant dean, I felt a little better. Eventually I saw that probation is UD’s way of making sure that everyone is doing okay. I can understand that, and I’m glad this process is there for students when we need it. This experience increased my awareness of policies and expectations, but it also connected me with mentors who helped me figure out how to manage my schedule. I ended up taking a leave of absence for a semester, and that helped me get back on track. Graduation is around the corner, and I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished at UD.”

  Senior, College of Health Sciences