“My academic advisor warned me that 18 credits might be a lot to manage in one semester, but I was convinced that I could do it and maybe even work towards graduating a little early. After all, I breezed through high school and had done pretty well in college so far. How bad could it really be? By mid-semester, I realized I had bitten off more than I could chew. By finals, I was completely swamped. When my grades came in, I was placed on academic probation. Hesitantly, I met again with my academic advisor. Instead of reminding me that I should have followed her advice, she really listened and helped me rebuild my confidence. The next semester, I registered for 14 credits and took advantage of all the resources my professors and the Academic Enrichment Center would offer me. My GPA has gotten much closer to where it should be, but I’m still aiming higher!”

Junior, College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment