“When I failed an important math class, I was devastated. If anything, getting the probation notice made me feel worse. Eventually, I got the courage to talk to my TA. I went to her office hours, she closed the door and my story spilled out. I was worried what she would think. But she surprised me. She told me, ‘You probably wouldn’t believe how many times I’ve had a conversation like this. Every time a person walks in thinking they are the only one, but really, more students struggle than you think.’  I saw that there’s no shame in struggling academically—lots of people do. It’s all about how you respond. When I got the letter I was really down. But I learned something important in the process– how to face up to challenges, to ask others for help and find a way forward. That was some time ago, and I can see now that the process helped me grow as a person and as a student.”

 Sophomore, College of Business & Economics