“Soon after I began my first year of college, a major life event turned my world upside down. Sometimes I couldn’t even muster the energy to go to class or study, and when I did, it was almost impossible to keep my mind from wandering off. My family was already going through a lot, so I didn’t feel like I could turn to them for help when I noticed my grades began to slip. I didn’t have friends at UD yet either. By the end of that semester, I was on academic probation and in danger of losing my scholarship. Luckily, I was given an academic advocate to work with. She helped me get back on my feet with new strategies for studying, shared information on free tutoring sessions and connected me with counseling. I worked hard the next semester and earned all As. When my overall GPA still wasn’t high enough to maintain my scholarship, I wrote a letter of appeal and asked my advocate for feedback. It was a huge relief when I learned that I’d been given another chance after all. Not only am I now moving in the right direction with my grades, I know much more about how to use UD resources and advocate for myself.”  

Sophomore, College of Arts & Sciences